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LEBL - Barcelona Real Traffic Custom Schedule - Winter 2019


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After much hard work and with the advice and input of several folks, I present to you a custom schedule for LEBL - Barcelona -El Prat.

But this isn't just a single day schedule. Oh, no. It is a full WEEK of schedules, with each of the seven days having its own feel. And, while it may not have the insane levels of traffic of LAX or ATL, during peak times, this can be a busy airport that can keep you on your toes.


Passenger airlines from around the world are represented, with many of the more distant locations sending heavy traffic, to include 787s, A350s, and even a daily Emirates A380. Cargo carriers and GA traffic are also represented as well.

These schedules are as close to real life as I could manage. I may have had to tweak a few flight numbers to prevent duplicates, but the flights you control will be the same flight the airlines run. And these schedules make full use of the recent Real Color updates, including Air Nostrum CRJ-1000s and Air Baltic A220s. You will see a few white planes, though, as there are airlines Real Color doesn't have paint for yet.

Within each day's schedule, you will see schedule snippet folders to fit and time you care to start. These are recommended, as they provide a more realistic and robust feel, plus it also prevents flights from failing to spawn because of full gates.


Included in the main folder are the custom terminal and airlines files that should be used no matter which day you're simulating, along with a list of GA operators.
Also included within each day's folder are the full airline and GA schedules, along with a file of hourly traffic breakdowns to help determine when you'd like to start.

It is recommended to place the LEBL-battlehawk77 folder in your main LEBL fold, then copy and paste the files needed (after you back up the originals, of course).

If you have any questions, comments, or notice any bugs, please feel free to message me here or on Discord.


Gavin (battlehawk77)



Edited by battlehawk77
Corrected Monday schedule issue.
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Hello everyone,

since i did some testing of this schedule for Gavin i need to add something myself 🙂 I really enjoyed playing it and it is the best custom LEBL schedule i have played yet!

It really has to offer everything you would wish for, some busy hours or more relaxed times so you can have a nice relaxing time in the tower 🙂


Great schedule, much recommended!

Have fun 🙂


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Hello. I recently bought LEBL directly from feelthere to use with the steam edition of T3DP. After installing a custom schedule I tried loading up and it gets stuck at 63 and 72%. I had a look through the files and there seemed to be missing the airplanes and airports text file. Anyone know of any solutions to this. P.S. I've tried using both ATC Joe's schedule as well as battlehawk's

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Please upload your log file:

It is located here "C:\SteamClient\steamapps\common\Tower 3D Pro\tower3d_Data"

Look for a file "output_log.txt" and upload it here in a post so we can figure out what is wrong.

We know from the Discord discussion it isn't the following:

- Is Real Traffic installed? Yes - Assuming it is up-to-date???? i.e. version sp6v12???
- Tried a snippet instead of a full day schedule. Yup - Still the same result.

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