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RC_EDDM_Virus? :: RESOLVED - false positive


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Just now, blazemonger said:


Hmm I am getting the same virus warning downloading the file. I love to expect a false positive here but I'd like to hear from the devs on this before installing.

Every file I have download has come back with the virus warning it’s a false positive 

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4 hours ago, blazemonger said:

You're free to blindly trust this is false positive, I will wait for confirmation from the devs before installing

@Braf123456has apparently already blindly trusted the devs several times. Sounds like you are going to blindly trust them too if they say there is no virus. I'm not sure I see any difference.

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We cannot confirm or deny as we received the installer from Nyerges Design, however I can tell you one thing; each file before it's uploaded to BMT Micro (our e-commerce partner) is scanned by their system and if it finds anything it stops the process. This file was uploaded without any trouble.

Today we will have a Skype meeting with them to push this issue. Naturally I will report back as soon as I can.


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Thank you for the reports and here is our official answer.
We checked the file on McAfee, BitDefender and we also uploaded the file to Virustotal to check it on more than 60 antivirus software. 2 gave us two different indication out of 66 including the big ones such as Kaspersky and even Microsoft so we think it's safe to say that the file has no virus and it's OK to use it.
We also uploaded previously released products and some of them made a false alarm by those very same screeners.



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