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Community Project - New Livery Requests for RC KJFK


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Now that KJFK has been chosen by the community for the next RC pack to receive an update from Nyerges Design, we must put together a list of liveries that we would like to see added. Requests must be for "standard" liveries and not one-off special liveries. To be clear, these are only requests. Nyerges Design has the right to choose what will or will not be included in the update.  

To verify your livery doesn't already exist for KJFK, please use the Master List maintained by @Pedantic G found on the forum at https://forum.simflight.com/topic/85934-tower-3d-pro-real-colorsaircraft-master-list-by-airport/.

To submit your request, please use the following format. Only one livery per post please.  

Airline (ICAO/IATA)1:
Aircraft Type (ICAO)1:
Other RC3:

The above is fairly self explanatory and is being included in order to prove that a real flight for the livery pertains to the airport. 1Airline, aircraft, and flight number are required. Real Traffic files can be used to help supply the valid codes. Airline codes are included in kjfk_airlines.txt. Existing aircraft types can be found by looking at kjfk_airplanes.txt. Additionally, new/existing ICAO designators can be found several places on the web. 2It is recommended to provide a link to an actual flight using the livery from a valid source (ex: FlightAware, FlightRadar24, etc.) to help prove the legitimacy of your request. 3Other RC is not required but helpful to tell Nyerges Design that this livery already exists at one or more other airports, but is not included with KJFK.  

If you plan to submit more than five (5) livery requests, you are welcome to use the attached spreadsheet. The fields and requirements are the same.  

Please keep this topic clean and post legitimate requests only. There is no need to post a duplicate if someone has already posted a desired livery. If you have any questions, feel free to send a direct message to @crbascott.

The deadline for request submissions is October 21, 2018 at 23:59:59 UTC. After the deadline, a consolidated list of validated requests will be provided to Nyerges Design.



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Right so here's my list of every plane, related to every airline, that has ever landed at JFK 🤔

But of course i joke

I have included in the spreadsheet, firstly airlines that have no associated livery at all in the game, then airlines that have some livery but none associated with JFK

In summary

No livery in game

Air Italy, Air Serbia, Avianca Brazil, Azerbaijan Airlines, Cayman Airways, DHL Air, Fly Jamaica Airways, Silkway West Airlines, Uzbekistan Airways, Volaris Costa Rica

No livery at JFK

Eurowings and Royal Jordanian

and yes i realise that this is a request only 😄




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Updated link in file
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Attached are the original airline/aircraft combos from my custom schedules that are not in RC for KJFK (23 not included at all and 14 found in other RC packs). If I found a livery in RC for KLAX I did not include it as I figured it's a must have.  And, obviously, I excluded those already in @hexzed's list.


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7 hours ago, crbascott said:

Reminder: One week remaining to submit your livery requests for the RC for KJFK.

Happy Monday to you Craig.

Not sure where to stick this (and be nice!) and only partially KJFK related but it would be nice to have some proper cargo planes that don't have windows from Gabor in RC.


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I would like to see ABX Air (ABX/GB) B763 and B762 with newer liveries. The Airborne Express with the red/yellow tail was only 1 plane and was almost 15 years ago

B763: https://flightaware.com/photos/view/3899976-31bd58d262f82ab9a34d4c890ac2da12597ad1fa/aircraft/N317CM/sort/votes/page/1

B762: https://flightaware.com/photos/view/53923-495d2a75b27caa5863b5b92b0d82f3a5058ad125/aircraft/N767AX/sort/votes/page/1

I'm surprised these poor planes aren't having identity crises with all the different liveries they've had (Airborne Express/ABX Air/DHL/Prime Air)

As these both already exist in game, I guess this would be a request to update instead of create new:

Airline (ICAO/IATA):  ABX/GB
Aircraft Type (ICAO):  B762
Link:  Already in original JFK RC as old livery
Other RC:  KATL/KLAX (also old livery)

Airline (ICAO/IATA):  ABX/GB
Aircraft Type (ICAO):  B763
FlightNumber:  ABX152 ABX552
Link:  https://flightaware.com/live/flight/ABX152  and  https://flightaware.com/live/flight/ABX552


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After silence about the route for a while, it’s finally happening. Kenya Airways will begin flying daily between Nairobi and New York JFK as of October 30, 2018. The route will be operated with the following schedule:

KQ002 Nairobi to New York departing 11:25PM arriving 6:25AM (+1 day)
KQ003 New York to Nairobi departing 12:25PM arriving 10:55AM (+1 day)

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1 hour ago, crbascott said:

A simple ask ... Please use the format (or spreadsheet) provided in the first post for livery requests. Otherwise they will be ignored. Thanks!

Sorry about that Craig. As these aren't exactly "new" paints, I didn't bother. I've updated my original post. Can't receive if you don't at least ask (and do it correctly).  Thanks for being the liaison


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1 hour ago, born_to_fly said:

Sorry about that Craig. As these aren't exactly "new" paints, I didn't bother. I've updated my original post. Can't receive if you don't at least ask (and do it correctly).  Thanks for being the liaison


Thanks - just trying to save myself some work. 🙂 

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27 minutes ago, cwalfy1 said:

Has anything come about this, are they working on it or has it dropped by the roadside.



Gabor at @nyergesdesignhas been working on this recently (see the Real Color - A New Concept topic) and @hexzedhad offered to test for him so I would imagine that its just being finalised and tested ready for release soon.


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