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  1. Try running the installer as admin. Otherwise create a shortcut yourself from the install directory.
  2. Use the custom schedule by @crbascott. The latter includes JANET but not the default schedule file included with the update.
  3. Hi, Found an issue at KLGA with arrivals on runway 4 taxiing to terminal via A M. They seem to want to taxi onto taxiway B which is not what we as humans want to happen :D (DAL2665) The way round it at the moment is to only give taxi instructions via A (DAL886) but even this isn't enough as sometimes you want to route departures out onto B. Screenshots below and log attached :) Please fix. output_log.txt
  4. Need to try these out. Thank you for uploading!
  5. Thank you for the update Gabor and the update. @Braf123456, issues mentioned across the forum. I do agree a list would be appreciated from a dev though :)
  6. Not heard anything yet. I'm not impressed to be honest. Considering what we are charged for a product which clearly hasn't been fully tested.
  7. Re-check your download link and you will be able to tell :)
  8. Hi, Is there any news on the service pack update for KPHX Phoenix? Thank you :)
  9. Thanks Gabor. Please do keep us apprised.
  10. Such a shame. Wonder if there will be an update ;)
  11. They are in a game already :) I see them all the time. Look for a rotating beacon light. You may like the game AirportCEO ;)
  12. Coloured backgrounds for aircraft would certainly be useful. One of departures and one for arrivals so we can distinguish them as well would be highly recommended. With the ability to customise this. Also add to your list ... the ability to customise the PTT key please.
  13. Did a session last night with 8 and 7L active. A few bugs to report again .... LOG file attached :) 1) AAL1597 gets stuck after pushback and will not taxi to runway 8 whatever command is issued (inc. continue taxi) 2) FDX3711 will not taxi to ramp via the following route after landing ... Now taxi's via this route ... 3) FDX556 will NOT taxi to 7L via the following route output_log.txt
  14. Might be Manchester :) Either way, a UK airport is always welcome :)
  15. Other issues have been reported before on this thread:
  16. Hi, Another bug to report at Phoenix. Taxiway B7 is not connected to the runway nor taxiway B. Evidence: Aircraft landing do not taxi onto taxiway B7. In the log file I instruct AAL634 to exit via B7 .. yet it taxi's off of the runway onto taxiway A6. output_log.txt
  17. I managed to reproduce one of the issues above. The following AAL1618 push backed fine. Then it just got stuck. Tried many commands. I have attached the log file in this post. output_log.txt
  18. Hmm, I remember attaching it. Sadly, I've re-played the airport at a different time since so I have lost the log file for the session above. No idea what happened there because I certainly remember attaching it to the post above :/
  19. Hi, More issues to report for KPHX (Phoenix)! Some maybe similar to this post. Log is attached as per usual. 1) Inbound American landed fine and began the taxi to the assigned gate. For some reason, no idea why. he got stuck and I had to delete him... 2) American outbound did a unexpected taxi across the airport terminal and gates towards no mans land ... 3) Outbound ASH5896 got stuck after pushing back. Tried several commands to get him going without luck. Had to delete him ... 4) Outbound southwest SWA3812 did a 360 twirl after line up and wait command prior to takeoff command ...
  20. Hi, Could we request a new feature be added in the next update: The ability to change the Left Shift key (PTT key) to a different key WITHOUT the use of third party software. Thank you.
  21. Hi, Been playing single player on KPHX using 7L and 7R for takeoffs and 8 for landings. LOG file also attached. Issue 1) UPS cargo aircraft taxi issues (it actually taxi'd out to the city and back). Gave instructions as shown in the screen shots. After realising where it was, I gave the simple command "UPS### TAXI TO 7L" and it found its way back to the 7L runway. Issue 2) Timetable issue with a Southwest 737. No gate available. output_log.txt
  22. I don't always play realistic in my SP sessions lol ... bad practice I know but meah.
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