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  1. I would love it if the number of liveries per airline was limited to 2.
  2. I see, so you used a setting your GPU doesn't like. Do you recall what settings you changed? It may help other users as well.
  3. Most likely A300B2-1C if I'm informed correctly.
  4. Next version should come prepared for the future and have the ability to include quiet X-Planes. (The Lockheed X-59 will be testet in 2021 -> https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lockheed_Martin_X-59_QueSST)
  5. I do vote for that one! 👍 And here some other European Airlines: L188, LOF, FOF, FO, FREDOLSEN, Fred. Olsen Airtransport, Norway (founded 1933, ceased op 1997) https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/8/88/Fred_Olsen_Lockheed_L-188CF_Electra.jpg https://flyawaysimulation.com/media/images11/images/Lockheed-L-188CF-Electra-LN-FOI-fsx2.jpg https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/8/8f/Fred_Olsen_DHL_Electra.jpg (DHL Livery) Note: IATAs for L188 were/are: LOE (passenger), LOF (freighter), LOM (mixed config) DC10, D1C, UTA, UT, UTA, Union de Transports Aériens, France (founded 1963, ceased op 1992) https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/4/4e/McDonnell_Douglas_DC-10-30%2C_UTA_-_Union_de_Transports_Aeriens_AN1404222.jpg https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/thumb/a/a4/McDonnell_Douglas_DC-10-30%2C_UTA_-_Union_de_Transports_Aeriens_AN1632639.jpg/1024px-McDonnell_Douglas_DC-10-30%2C_UTA_-_Union_de_Transports_Aeriens_AN1632639.jpg https://www.scalemodelstore.com/content/shop/images/original/13754.jpg Note: Would love to have the superDC-8-62 (ICAO: DC86, IATA: D8L) but that would be an additional model. http://www.eztoys.com/media/catalog/product/cache/1/image/9df78eab33525d08d6e5fb8d27136e95/i/f/ifdc8620514p.jpg Note: ICAO: UTA, IATA: UT is now used by UTair Aviation!!! B734, 734, BMA, BD, MIDLAND, British Midland International, United Kingdom (founded 1938, ceased op 2012) https://www.baaa-acro.com/sites/default/files/import/uploads/1989/01/G-OBME2.jpg https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/thumb/3/34/British_Midland_Airways_Boeing_737-400%3B_G-OBMN%40LHR%3B04.04.1997_%285491356027%29.jpg/1280px-British_Midland_Airways_Boeing_737-400%3B_G-OBMN%40LHR%3B04.04.1997_%285491356027%29.jpg https://www.jetphotos.com/photo/42816 Note: BD|BMA is already included in RT as British Midland Airways but without any RC Liveries.
  6. Actually, I don't think so. It seems to be related to a combination of the Windows Cache, Real Traffic and the game engine. For me, cleaning Windows' Cache/Temp (I've used WashAndGo, but there are a lot of alternatives), uninstalling and reinstalling the DLC, and removing all custom schedules solved the problem. After that I could use EDDM or LFPG and custom schedules again.
  7. The MD-82 is not in the list, but it is already included in Real Traffic. I hope that is ok, since it should not interfere with other RC Packs. Otherwise I withdraw the suggestion. MD82, M82, ROA, QQ, RENO AIR, Reno Air, United States Since the IATA code QQ is now used by Alliance Airlines (UTY/UNITY), I suggest changing it to Q1 (as far as I know not assigned in the real world). https://www.flickr.com/photos/aero_icarus/4905055880/ https://www.flickr.com/photos/22331715@N06/2390958784/ https://www.flickr.com/photos/mapleleafs/5020794045/ https://www.md-80.com/mcdonnell-douglas-md-80/md-80-betreiber/reno-air/
  8. This post only serves to put the topic on top, in the last hours of voting.
  9. If the corresponding Real Color Packs work for other airports, you should already have Real Traffic installed. It is possible that your Real Traffic version is not up to date. The link in the order confirmation should allow you to download and install the latest version.
  10. What @scoobflight probably meant was whether you bought and installed Real Traffic. It is a requirement for the Real Color Packs to work. https://www.feelthere.com/shop/air-traffic-control/tower3d/real-traffic-for-tower3d/
  11. I support that! I'd like if the log stays in place. It contains all relevant information during a session. At the end of a session, I would like a detailed summary of movements and incidents to be displayed instead of the points. And in multiplayer it should be displayed to both parties, not just the host. I think that's a good solution. Personally, I would like if landings and take-offs weren't counted, but if a flight arrived at the parking spot or is handed over to Departure.
  12. Has anyone ever thought about how the Color Packs should be numbered to display the most current livieries? By this I mean that it also takes into account what percentage of an airline's fleet actually uses a new livery. It may also be possible for an airline to currently only use a new livery in a specific region. I don't think that sorting by release and update date might be the right thing to do. @Pedantic G do you have an idea, or anyone else?
  13. Typical problems are: Disconnection during loading (Typically one of the players will get into the game.) Different game files of the airport (It is important to make sure that all text files -xxxx_#######.txt- of the airport to be played are identical on both PCs. Here, one of the players usually gets into the game as well.) An error in one of the text files or a reference (aircraft model, airport, airline) in a file that cannot be found in another file. (Both players should not get into the game here.) Initial connection succeeds, but during loading a third party software, the router or Windows itself blocks the connection. Solution approaches: for #1 - Change of host and client. End and restart T!3D Pro on both PCs and the player who hosted now joins the session of the other player. After that it often works in both directions. (Best choice if one player stucks at 9%.) for #2 - To be on the safe side one player sends the files xxxx_airlines.txt, xxxx_airplanes.txt, xxxx_airports.txt, xxxx_gaandlocaltraffic.txt, xxxx_schedule.txt and xxxx_terminal.txt from the folder of the airport to be played (..\Steam\steamapps\common\Tower 3D Pro\Extensions\Airfields\XXXX) to the other player. This can be done as a ZIP file via Discord, Dropbox, workupload, etc. (If it is a DLC airport, both players need to have purchased and installed it.) for #3 - A corresponding error message (missing model, missing airport, etc.) should be found in the log file. (..\Steam\steamapps\common\Tower 3D Pro\tower3d_Data\output_log.txt) for #4 - Here and for other port problems, the use of Hamachi by LogMeIn has proven to be helpful and reliable. (https://vpn.net/) When using, the IP address displayed in the Hamachi app will be used. General: (based on personal experiences only) After the host has clicked on "create", the other player should wait 1-2 seconds before clicking on "join". The joined player should not click on "ready" until the host has completed all settings. The hosting player should wait 1-2 seconds before clicking on "start". If not a full day schedule is used and the earliest possible hour has been selected, the first flight should be an arriving flight. If one player has Real Traffic installed, the other player will need it as well. (Real Color remains optional.) A stop at 72% or 81% indicates #2 or #3.
  14. Installation paths: Airports: [path to FeelThere directory]\Tower3D Pro Real Traffic: [path to FeelThere directory]\Tower3D Pro Real Color: [path to FeelThere directory]\Tower3D Pro\Extensions\Airplanes\Texturepacks For Real Traffic and Real Color make sure to choose "Tower 3D PRO" during installation. The "Tower3D Pro" folder might or might not be named "Tower!3D Pro" with an exclamation mark. Here you will find the paths for the different Tower!3D versions:
  15. A quick search resulted in this: Personally I enjoy playing LEBL.
  16. I went for a budget solution using an Auna 900BL. (USB-B Condenser Microphone, frequency range 30Hz - 18kHz, sensitivity -32dB, SPL 136dB, s-t-n ratio 68dB, cardioid polar pattern, sampling rate 16/48kHz, about 50 bucks on sale) For my purposes, casual gaming and occasionally recording a graphics tutorial, I am very happy with it. But I know some YouTube Content Creators that are using a Blue Yeti (130 bucks) and have very good experiences with it for a microphone in the price range of around 100 dollars. Edit: After our move, I used a $5 no-name headset for a few weeks. According to feedback in a Discord Chat it sounded horrible but when I was playing Tower!3D Pro I couldn't notice any difference in speech recognition.
  17. EliGrim


    Sure! It's a hypothesis that's either confirmed or disproved. 😉
  18. EliGrim


    I don't think so. Honestly, I haven't thought about it at all yet. I assume that there are two B737-800 models in the game. One with and one without winglets. The winglet version looks like a 737-890 to me, but I can be wrong. I also assume that there are different liveries for both versions, because some winglets are colored.
  19. As long as it works... Who cares about specifics? I use headphones and a separate microphone. The microphone or headset should match the surroundings (possible background noise, etc.) and the bank account. And if you want to spend a bit more on a fancy one, you should do so as well. There won't be "the" mic!
  20. EliGrim


    It's a bit confusing because both the 738 (without winglets) and the 73H (with winglets) are listed as B738_. Maybe this also confused me and my count of the liveries of more than 60 is for all those B737-800s. Please forgive me if I don't check again now.
  21. EliGrim


    Am I missing something? As far as I know there are over 60 different liveries for the B737-800 with winglets a.k.a. 73H in the game, as long as you own the corresponding RC packs.
  22. https://feelthere.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/requests/new
  23. @FeelThere, @ATControl -- Joe thanks for your attention. Well... I'm conforming with @MrMatt24 here. I have repeatedly completed stress and benchmark tests. Also, in the meantime, after the KLGA problem, shortly before and after the EDDM problem, I have played F1 2018 (6 hours straight), A Plague Tale: Innocence (2 hours straight), Motorsport Manager (2x 1.5 hours straight), Planet Coaster, X-Plane 11 and other T!3D DLCs. All without any problems. (However, I had not touched KLGA any more!) I also use CPU- and GPU-heavy Photo, 3D and Video FX software on a regular basis with this PC. Even if it looks like a dying graphics card, I doubt that strongly. (This doesn't have to be relevant, but I've seen dying graphics cards before and they didn't distinguished between 2D and 3D content in one game. As I said, it doesn't have to be relevant, hardware errors can show up in many different ways.) Also that KLGA floods my Windows Page File, is extremely unlikely (not impossible) a graphics card issue. The video was made after the problem occurred for the second time in a row. So it was the third start of EDDM. @nyergesdesign, I don't know if this can be helpful for error analysis, but after the post from @ATC AlaskaGuy... ...I replaced all custom schedules from all airport folders with the original RT sp6v17 files I had saved before. Then I uninstalled EDDM via Steam, restarted Steam and reinstalled EDDM. Then I quit Steam again, switched to the second user account in Windows (set to US English), started T!3D and set the same starting time (08:00) as in the video. Now, for one hour and 20 minutes I was able to play EDDM without any errors. Besides I ran the programs MSI Command Center and HWiNFO64. Concerning temperatures, clocks, power, etc. there were no abnormalities. Either I was just lucky, or the problem is somehow related to either custom schedules or the way RT is updated and the game loads RT, RC and the DLCs.
  24. Encountered it today. My hardware is tested and fine. It's only T!3D Pro and only EDDM so far. @FeelThere @FeelThere Ariel @nyergesdesign what's going on with Tower!3D?
  25. After today a 0 byte update was displayed at Steam and I had executed it, I tried to play KLGA a few more times trying to get to the bottom of the strange behavior. But that was unsuccessful. The problem persists and I still have no idea what it causes. Among other things, there is one player who reports that liveries are cut in half, another can't use speech recognition with ATL although it works with another DLC, some players have a wild light show with CDG and others don't, with me LGA kills my PC although it works for others... After excluding all factors known to me that could cause the described behavior, I am sure that the problem is in Tower!3D Pro and not in my system including used hardware and software. Now I decided not to waste my time anymore. I just don't touch KLGA and enjoy the airports that are working for me. I won't buy any more DLCs anyway and simply take KLGA as a bad buy. Many thanks to everyone who gave their input here. I only hope that the developers will schedule long-term technical support for the next version and will not discontinue further development and updates after one year. I'm curious!
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