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Custom (REAL) Traffic #11 -- Atlanta v1.0 -- Summer 2018

ATControl  -- Joe

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What's up everyone, 

My name is Joe.  Thanks for checking out my custom (REAL) traffic schedules. 

You can find me at ATControl --- YouTube Home playing this game


 --- If you are using this in your games/videos/posts -- please make reference to ME as the owner (direct to YT channel)

**Be sure to check out all my prior custom schedules for KLAX v1.0, KLAS, KLGA, KPHL, KLAX v2.0, KBOS, KPHX, KJFK, KMCO & KLAS v2.0!  (links at the end of this post to all previous schedules)


((CURRENT GAME SCHEDULE -- 10/2/2018))

EDIT -- 10/2/2018 -- Fixed a duplicated flight in the 1300 hour.  Replaced all airline files with updated/current file.  Pick up the full package of files in the Dropbox.

EDIT -- 7/24/2018 -- Terminal file updated to move all heavies out of Terminal F into Terminal E due to broken terminal.  Pick up the new katl_terminal file in the Dropbox

DROPBOX -- Atlanta v1.0 Summer 2018 Custom Traffic





Read the READ-ME file for install directions

Quick Links to Prior Custom (REAL) Traffic Schedules

KLAX #1 - v1.0      KLAS #2 -- v1.0     KPHL #3 -- v1.0     KLGA #4 - v1.0    KLAX #5 - v2.0     KBOS #6 -v1.0 Intro 2018  KPHX #7 -- v1.0  KJFK #8 -- v1.0  KMCO #9 -- v1.0 KLAS #10 -- v2.0


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8 minutes ago, hexzed said:

There's a bug in terminal f which won't allow heavies to gate. Joe will probably have to adjust internationals to terminal e.

i'm sure he knows this already, and it was an oversite 🙂

Forgot about that broken terminal. Such a shame we can’t get a hotfix update to that.  Ruins the experience.   I’ll make the change.   Stay tuned

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1 hour ago, pkorkala said:

Wow, this was hard... But a lot of fun! Thanks for the schedule @ATControl -- Joe !

At first I tried the one hour schedule for 13.00, but it stuck on 70% something. Then I tried the schedule for the whole day, and it did load 100%.

Thanks for a great challenge, Joe!! 

Not sure what to tell you on the load.  I went back and the 1300 hour loads just fine.  Post your log and someone will look at it.

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4 hours ago, hexzed said:

Have you tried it with calm weather?

No I usually play in stormy conditions. But now that you asked I tried it, and it worked with calm weather! I exited and tried to load it with stormy weather, but then I'm stuck at 72% again.

How is that even possible?? Does the weather really affect the schedule?!?

Thanks @hexzed!



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